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The Rest of yes, please buy.

First, alas, we were not able to secure group pricing. Please go ahead and purchase the book we mentioned. For your reference:

Forms 3 & 4 Medieval History BOOKS:


Forms 3 & 4 American History BOOKS:

  • Land of Hope: An Invitation to the Great American Story (Young Readers Edition, Volume 2) by Wilfred McClay

  • Term Course pack with readings from the Rainbow Book of American History by Earl Miers, Landmark’s American Heroes of the 20th Century by Doris and Harold Faber, Living Book Press Inauguration Speeches, selections from Air Raid-Pearl Harbor by Theodore Taylor, and the Yanks are coming by Albert Marrin (course pack will be provided, but if you have the hard copies of these books already in your home library you might prefer to have them handy). (WE WILL PROVIDE THE PACKET)


For High School History, all packets and notebooks will be provided for both American and Medieval, but please buy 2 separate 1" binders to house the readings.

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11 sie 2023

So, for those families with 2 students in the class, 1 book is fine to share, if they can share to do the homework.

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