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Time for Commitment: a list of (we hope)reasonable deadlines to help us proceed with prudence

Many thanks to those of you who joined us for our meeting last Friday. So sorry if it was grueling! With your help we truly did accomplish a lot, and with the information gathered we are closer than ever to posting our Mission Statement and pinning down final numbers for each class with teacher(s) and students. Exciting!

It seems the time has come, then, for 'signing on the dotted line.' Our ability to move forward does require final commitments from families who will join us for the year, and from those of us who will teach and volunteer in various ways. We hope this list of deadlines will ensure we complete our planning prudently. Please read through these important dates for our 'Summer Timeline.' 'The 2022/2023 Academic Year' tab in our menu bar will also store this list, as well as Fall, Winter and Spring deadlines for syllabi requirements. Have a look!

We will be using a form to actually collect your commitments, but for now, please discuss these dates and fees as a family as we ready ourselves for the next step. Thank you in advance for your cooperation as you make these important decisions about the upcoming school year. We are always available to answer questions. We ask for God's wisdom for each family as we proceed!

Lumen Christi Consortium + Summer 2022 TIMELINE +

  • Friday, June 17. Meeting #2. (thank you again for your contributions last week!)

  • Friday, June 24. Mission statement feedback due. Please email Erin or Christina with any additional comments or suggestions.

  • Friday, July 8. Participation decision deadline. [we will reach out with a form]

ALSO Friday, July 8. Family fee payment due (~$300/ family).

ALSO Friday, July 8. Music classes decision deadline. (a form will come out for this too)

  • Friday, July 22. Book lists due from each teacher so families can begin to purchase supplies.

  • Tuesday, September 6 is our first day of classes. Please note that syllabi are due on the first day of class.

To see our FALL , WINTER and SPRING deadlines, see the '2022/2023 Academic Year' tab in the menu bar.

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