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Tomorrow's Deal-ee-oh (Snow gear! Indoor shoes!)

Okay, so glad to hear that many people are in good health! It sounds like tomorrow will not be nearly as tricky to navigate in terms of subs. Even Mrs. Conner will be in for her classes! So, onward we go.

THIS IS YOUR REMINDER TO RESUME THE USE OF INDOOR SHOES. This saves an immense amount of cleaning. Slippers are fine, or any clean shoes that are not covered in ice melt and mud. Let's line those boots up at the door upon arrival.

NEXT..SNOW GEAR! All of the youngest forms up through Forms 3 & 4 (Junior High) should bring appropriate snow gear for outdoor time. This does not mean you must go outside. Any who are still fighting colds etc. who should prudently avoid being out in the cold for long are welcome to choose indoor afternoon occupations, or some combination. Please plan on handwork, Book of Centuries work, nature notebooking, Commonplace books and adding final touches to normal classroom notebooks (for the lower forms) as available activities.

The likely scenario is that the healthiest most adventurous contingent will head to Shaw farm. Sleds are welcome. Another contingent (maybe with the littlest crew?) may opt for snow play around the church grounds or the common, to allow for those with less stamina to get inside after a while. Shall we make snowmen? Moms, we can divvy up those placements based on your needs and desires at lunch.

PLEASE THINK THROUGH WHICH OF YOUR KIDS SHOULD PLAN ON WHICH ACTIVITY, AND DISCUSS WITH THEM. That will make things a lot easier tomorrow, and will give us a sense of how many vehicles/drivers are needed for Shaw transport.

Thanks for being flexible everyone! Eager to see all of you tomorrow for the morning meeting round about 8:50!

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