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VERY important! Family read-through required before contracts get signed tomorrow.

It's that time of year again. We have things ready to go (mostly!) for a rich and robust school year. All we need now is your commitment to participate fully and with gusto. This participation as a community does need to look a certain way if we are to continue with success, and this document spells out the details.

PLEASE read through our LCC Handbook together as a family! It includes all of the norms we hope to establish, and we need your commitment to try.

Similarly PLEASE read through the LCC CONTRCTS that you will need to sign tomorrow. This is our common record of what was agreed upon for the year. If things go wrong, we will sit down together to review the contract.

These are ever so slightly different from last year, but PLEASE read and review nonetheless . IT IS A MATTER OF INTEGRITY TO READ WHAT YOU WILL SIGN YOUR NAME TO.

Tomorrow both parents and Form 3 and up students will be given a hard copy of the contract to sign and turn in.

These files are here for your to download, but also posted to view on our 'Policies and Procedures' page, under the "WHO WE ARE" tab at the top of the website. No need to print unless you want your own copy.

Parent_Student Contract LCC
Download PDF • 43KB

Lumen Christi Consortium_ Policies and Procedures-2
Download PDF • 55KB

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Ashley Farnham
Ashley Farnham
Sep 04, 2023

Farnham’s will bring signed copies with us ☺️

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