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Very Important Schedule Details About this Friday in Blackstone

Hello LCC families. Since we have a number of folks gone on this Friday, and since the play performance is getting close and a longer practice day is in order, we are going to run an alternate schedule.

Scratch all you heard on Tuesday, or at least most of it.


Here is the the plan:


We will NOT be running Form 1 and Form 2 classes.  If you are not teaching a JH or HS class, please stay home with your younger students and babies.  We hope that carpooling will make things easier for many families.  There will be no regular baby room care.

*A number of Form 2 students are in the play.  If you are unsure about your student, please check in!  These students should be at LCC until 12:30.

*Form 2 students who ARE in the play are free to go home at 12:30 if desired.  If they stay, they should bring a book, some note booking, handwork, outdoor clothing, etc.

We will run an alternate JH/HS schedule on this day. Please see details below.


9-9:15.  Math check in.  (Sub for Pre-algebra.)  Students will turn in HW and get their new assignments.


9:15 - 12:30. THEATER. We will do a run through of the play in the morning.  Students ought to bring a simple, “working lunch” that they can easily eat during play practice.

12:30 - 1:30.  HS History./JH literature.

1:30 - 3:00. HS literature./JH science.  (This class will likely end around 2:30.  They will be asked to help with clean up.  After that, students can do science note booking, math homework, or play outdoors.)

* Pick up at 3pm.

DON’T FORGET… next Tuesday, MARCH 26, is a Friday schedule, IN BLACKSTONE.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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21 mar

Kids should remember to dress warmly! It will be all morning in the auditorium!

Me gusta

Got it

Me gusta

Got it

Me gusta

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