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We have a name!

After much thought, many views to this post, individual conversations with a lot of you, and a few comments on the actual site (technical difficulties??),

we have chosen…

Lumen Christi Consortium:

Homeschooling Families Who Seek to Imitate the Saints at Bethany

We chose this for a few reasons.

First of all, though The Bethany School was our original first choice, we did also very much like the Lumen Christi option.

Secondly, it became clear that, for those who don’t know their Bible stories and geography, Bethany sounds, well, like some girl you knew at school in the 80s. On the one hand, who cares? On the other hand, this came up more times than we were comfortable with. Even people we think of as Bible-literate said, "Wait, what is Bethany? A Place? Is that where Lazarus was?" etc.

We have decided, as a kind of compromise, as well as a nod to the original inspiration, to make “The Saints of Bethany” our patrons, and the feature of our subtitle. This is for several reasons:

"We are an Easter people.” The Light of Christ, so beautifully celebrated at the Easter Vigil, is in our souls as baptized Christians. Mary Magdalen is the first witness of the Resurrection on the first Easter Sunday. So it is appropriate that she is our patron.

The Saints of Bethany are models for all souls, and consequently, as our patrons, will be particular models for us. As Christians, we aim—with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus—to remain at the feet of the Lord, to serve the Lord, and to be resurrected in him on the last day.

This is of course almost the first thing that the Catechism teaches—God made us to know him, to love him, to serve him, and to be happy with him in heaven. The lessons of Bethany are the lessons of the Catechism.

As a consortium of Christian families, we acknowledge that the "first things"—prayer, sacraments, worship of the Lord, keeping the Sabbath, growth in our own faith and catechism of our children are essential aspects of becoming Saints, and are the responsibility of family life, in union with the Church. We might call this “the Bethany Way.”

We, however, come together in order to accomplish what we might call the “second things”—academics, extra curricular activities, and wholesome social time. While secondary to the “first things,” these things are called for by them, and, like the more explicitly religious things, are best attained and enjoyed in community.

Lastly, a benefit of retaining a reference to The Saints of Bethany allows us the option still to use the motto or battle cry suggested by Madeline upon hearing the possible name, The Bethany School:


Just an option….

We are taking other suggesting for a motto, and might commission a shield. Send along any suggestions, and feel free to try your hand at drawing a shield or simply suggesting parts of the shield (though a little sketch of your idea will help).

Light of Christ, lead us! Mary, Martha, and Lazarus… Pray for us!

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