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Wear your mackintosh..

Dear Elementary families,

Tomorrow it is likely going to be soggy, but we will brave the weather and make Miss Mason proud! This is your reminder to BRING RAIN BOOTS AND A RAIN COAT so you will be prepared. It might be wise to have a fleece as well under your jacket in case it feels chilly.

Our likely schedule will be to practice the basic swing step for a little while after lunch in the big basement room, and then we will head to Shaw Farm with all of the Form I and II kids. We will need some volunteer moms to bring rain gear as well to help lead the walks. We WILL NOT be doing journaling outside unless it turns out to be dry, and our timing will attempt to get us back to the church just in time to get into our own cars. We will all pack up our stuff before we head out so no one has to bring muddy wetness back inside when we return.

JH and HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: Please bring any notebooking to do last period (Archives, Commonplace Books, Books of Centuries) as well as any work you might do on the yearbook.

We hope that sounds like a plan! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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