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Work Days all around...

Hello ladies. Time to put our work pants on. Or, at least it is time to put your kids' work pants on. Them. We need a work day in each of our locations to choose and prep classrooms, as well as our first annual Enjoyable Preparation Day. EPD. Someday we will do this at an AirBnB as a luxurious overnight with a chef. This year we will do it at the almost-as-awesome Joannie Kuefler's house. Maybe Emily will chef for us.

To that end, here are the details:

Blackstone Work Day: Thursday August 31, 1pm - 4 pm.

Sutton Work Day: Wednesday August 30, 1pm - 4 pm

NOTE: Our hope is that each family will choose ONE of the days to be present. PLEASE USE THE COMMENTS SECTION TO CLAIM A DAY. This needs to shake out roughly half and half, with big kids that can lug stuff present on each day. Please send students in Grades 6 and up, as things will devolve quickly with lots of littles running around.

If you have favorite work gloves or cleaning supplies that you want to bring, great. We will have basic sprays and rags ready to go.

Mom's work day: Monday August 28th 10 a.m. until we are done. As mentioned, location is the Kuefler homestead. Bring awesome food and drinks to share. That's the Enjoyable part of the EPD.

Bring everything you have related to any and all classes you teach. It is okay if you are still in process figuring things out...the time can be productive for that kind of planning too. We will be setting up bins, sorting, labeling and organizing notebooks, printing packets and other materials, and getting supplies ready in general.

It is possible that as we determine needs, a cohort could head out to a store or two to obtain supplies, so there is room to do some work and brainstorming on site.

If you've been assigned any afternoon activities for any of the Forms, (especially for fall) please bring all related materials or bins if you happen to have them. We can also do that sort of list making then.

PLEASE NO KIDS at this event. Nursing babies are one thing...maybe we can hire a teen to watch them on site? There will be sorting of papers etc. all over the place including the floor, with printers and other electronics all over the place. Not a great baby scene. We understand that this may mean you only plan to come for a limited amount of time as your childcare/schedule allows, which is totally fine. Just do your best!

We look forward to praising God with our hard work, as we beg the Lord to bless another LCC year abundantly.

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Aug 26, 2023

Walshes will come to blackstone wednesday! They can go thursday also If they can get a ride down… anyone?


The Kenneys can come to Blackstone on the Thursday. I will try to be at the Moms day for as much time as I can. My youngest kids have plans that day but I will see if I can get one of my older daughters to bring them for me.


Aug 24, 2023

Holmquists will be in Sutton.


Aug 23, 2023

Metillys can do Wednesday in Sutton.


Aug 22, 2023

Kueflers can do Sutton.

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