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Working to Ease the Burden

*a mistake was detected in the JH file...if you viewed/downloaded before 8am on 10/7, please review or download the corrected version.

Dear LCC families,

PLEASE READ THROUGH THIS NOTE BEFORE you plunge into the details of the chart below. It has taken time to produce, and will take some time to read and digest. First, we want to explain a few things.

Please know that we have been working hard to think through how to best ease and assist with the workload that some of you have expressed concerns about. We certainly want your family's time with the work of the curriculum to be joyful and fruitful, even as we desire the rigor that should be present in a worthy education. We hope and pray to strike a balance that will meet the needs of as many families as possible.

Let's walk through this a little.


  1. We have reduced the 10th grade writing load by eliminating a Tuesday narration for Literature. This will leave more time for the history writing due on Tuesdays. Please note that 10th graders should still spend a few minutes narrating (verbally) any literature read for Tuesdays to either a parent or to themselves. This is a skill unto itself, useful for the rest of life. If 10th graders decide they DO want to write for Tuesdays, they are welcome to do so.

  2. The page count for literature in BOTH the High School and Junior High has been reduced. There will be revised syllabi posted in the near future. The elimination of some shorter packet work as well as a reduction in selections of works we were not planning to read in their entirety anyway made this possible. Also, we have eliminated Dante's Purgatorio (the Paradiso was not on the list to begin with). We feel the works remaining are truly worthy and now have more ample time for study and 'digging in.'

  3. We can now say with confidence, having checked both audio versions and page counts, that there should only be roughly 2 HOURS of Literature reading in between each Literature class. There will be a small amount of pleasurable reading over Thanksgiving and Christmas break, which also made this possible (lighter historical fiction in both cases). If you know your child is a slower reader, and you choose to read without the the scaffolding of an audio book (ideally with eyes on the book), you will have to sort out and adjust for that.

  4. We have very diligently prepared a daily schedule which lays out how the LCC curriculum at home could be approached in a reasonable way. There is a 'TRUST THE METHOD' element built in, in that lessons are kept to 45 minutes (with one 60 minute exception for HS), and are VARIED. This requires that whether the homework in a subject is finished or not at the 'stop time,' it is put aside and a student moves on to a different subject, to give the brain a break.

  5. There is time in each day at home to circle back to subjects which were not finished in the first slot of 45 minutes. AFTER THIS, IF STUDENTS ARE STILL NOT DONE, please reach out to either Erin or Christina. At that point, based on your circumstances, we will brainstorm solutions to bring your student to the next LCC day adequately prepared.

  6. Obviously, we are not now asking for you to call us every time your students have failed to finish their homework for all of the normal reasons! Each family has its own homework squabbles that should be sorted out at home! Missed homework will have all of the normal consequences, natural and otherwise. Rather, we are suggesting that if your student has used this schedule with integrity and diligence (or some similar variation that you can report to us) and still has a significant amount of work to finish, we would like to offer scaffolding. Mercy will abound. This has to be dealt with case by case (student by student, or week by week).

  7. Some of you have already willingly offered to keep a log to get to the bottom of the precise portions of the curriculum that have been overtaxing. Please feel free to continue this. However, we also suggest adopting this method of work as soon as possible. We truly hope that any struggling families will be willing to try this schedule for at least a couple weeks. There is surely a learning curve to adopting a schedule of short and varied lessons, but it has been proven to increase how productive a student can become in 45 minutes over time. We are committed to making space for that kind of growing.

Thank you for considering all of this. We hope you know that it is with good will that we attempt these changes and suggestions. We certainly do not expect families that already have a good rhythm in place to adopt this! (though we hope maybe it will be tempting to even those who are not struggling?) Our wish is to offer this as a resource to try for anyone who has expressed concern, struggle or exasperation. It is hopefully at least a beginning step to a year that is more enjoyable. Please feel free to either use the comments section if you have questions that might help the whole group, or email if you have more private concerns.

Files to print, images for online viewing. Note different versions for HS and JH.

LCC Junior High School Suggested Work at Home Schedule-2
Download PDF • 72KB

LCC High School Suggested Work at Home Schedule-2
Download PDF • 70KB

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Oct 07, 2023

Thank you so much!! This is so helpful!!

Sarah G

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