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Your final commitments are needed $$$

The magical moment has arrived when we need to make official our roster for Lumen Christi Consortium for the 2023-2024 academic year. This magical moment costs money. If each family can be in touch by JULY 1st with a deposit family fee of $300, we will secure your spots for next year.

Please, if this is a hardship for anyone, we are happy to discuss other plans. However, we do need a verbal commitment from your family by July 1 regardless.

This count is needed to report to our insurance agency to amend our current policy through HSLDA.

It is also time for us to make some critical supply purchases, and we need a headcount of students to avoid annoying ordering at the end of summer. This will also help us to finalize family contributions and teaching assignments.

The preferred method of payment is Zelle:

Second best is Venmo: Jarrettbconner

Next is PayPal: (using the friends and family option) Jarrettbconner

Finally, if none of these options works for you, you could send a check to the Conner's home address. Feel free to reach out by email to Erin to make that arrangement so they can watch for it.

No need to reply with your YES by email...the receipt of these funds is your YES.

Thank you so much! As soon as we have these final commitments we will send out the final list of teaching assignments.

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