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A bit about Charlotte Mason's 


While our American system of education, especially in high school, favors a 'deep dive' into one topic in a given discipline each year (for example, a year of chemistry, or a year of American History), Miss Mason approached things differently.  Her method favors a wide feast where the various branches of a discipline are covered over the course of every school year. 

It is this wide spread of ideas, always primary for Miss Mason, that she found successfully nourished and inspired students.  This wide feast also fosters what she calls 'The Science of Relations,' or the connections, comparisons and contrasts that naturally arise when a student is immersed in ideas.  

"Of all the joyous motives of school life, the love of knowledge is the only abiding one; the only one which determines the scale, so to speak, upon which the person will hereafter live."

As we seek to more fully employ this method of education, forming mangnanimous souls in our children, we are adopting Miss Mason's streams in History, Science and Literature in all of the forms.  Use the buttons below to take a look at what this means across a three year rotation.

Image by Mathew Schwartz
Image by Mathew Schwartz


In a Lumen Christi Consortium year, upper form students

(Junior High, grades 7, 8 & 9 = Form 3 & 4,

High School, grades 10, 11 & 12 = Forms 5 & 6),

will study a different topic each term.  

Forms 3 & 4 students will study Biology every year as well as Physical Science topics like Astronomy, Weather, and Geology.  In Forms 5 & 6 students cycle through

Chemistry, Physics and Advanced Biology each school year.


Students at Lumen Christi Consortium will study American History every year because we are American, and the study of our own country should be of the utmost importance.  The second day of studies together will cycle through periods of Western Civilization.  Our history studies are school-wide to cultivate the family dinner conversation and whole-school enthusiasm.

Image by Craig Zdanowicz
Image by Tim Wildsmith


Literature at Lumen Christi Consortium will always coincide with the history under study.  The syllabus in a given year will draw from one or both streams of history at the teacher's discretion whenever it will thematically beneficial.  

Students will study Shakespeare every year.

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