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Visitors Policy

We are so happy to have you visit!  
Here are a few things to note:

  • Prospective students may visit LCC classes at Open Houses or at other times when visits are pre-arranged.  Unannounced visitors are not allowed.  Permission must be given by Mrs. Conner and Mrs. Wassell.  


  • While we hope our guests and potential new families get a good taste of LCC, we also aim to preserve the integrity of our classes for the sake of current students and families.  Please keep this principle in mind as you visit––it will help us live up to our commitments, and it will give you the truest sense of what we offer!  


For visiting the Upper School (7th-12th grades):  

  • Each teacher whose classroom is being visited must give explicit permission for an outside person to be in his class.  General permission to visit does not guarantee that every class may be visited that day.  

  • Visiting students ought to introduce themselves to teachers before each class begins.  

  • Visiting students ought to sit in chairs in the back of the classroom (as opposed to at the tables).  Please arrange your seating situation before class begins.  

  • Visiting students ought not to participate in the class discussions.  They may observe quietly.  

  • Parents may wait in designated spaces.  


For visiting the Charlotte Mason Elementary School

(1st-6th grades): 


  • Prospective students may sit at the table or around the circle to listen to the readings and stories.  They should be prepared to follow normal rules of classroom behavior.  

  • Any narration/ participation is at the teacher’s discretion.  

  • Parents may visit and observe discreetly in the Elementary classrooms.  We would ask that they request the permission of each teacher, and we would ask that, for the sake of the regular students, they try to be “invisible.”  


If you would like to download and print this document, feel free:  

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