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Put Field Day on the Calendar...

And PRAY IT DOESN'T RAIN! We have settled on a great date for Field Day:

Thursday May 23rd

But sadly, there is not a great rain date that will not mean losing various families for various reasons. So we are REALLY hoping for good weather.


We know the vast majority of you work, but if you happen to have a head-of-household with flexibility or days off to use up, please know we would welcome him on this day!

Here is a note from Mrs. Donnelly to explain:

Hello LCC friends! 

Field day is a few weeks away and preparations are under way! 

Teams are being formed, new and old events are being planned!

I hope to have some of our Alumni participate or at least come, and we are extending the Field Day invitation to dads as well. 

 This year we’d also like to order t-shirts

for the teams! 

I will order different colors for each team with the LCC logo on the front.

There will also be a Harbro logo on the back of the shirt since they are donating money to help defray the cost for families. Thank you Mr. Hare and Harbro! So generous! 

Speaking of cost, the estimate is about $5-7 per shirt. 

Shirts will be available for moms, dads and babies at the same cost. 

I’ll be able to get a solid number for the cost once I have the total number of shirts I need to order. 

***Please email me asap with shirt sizes for your kids who will be participating in the Field Day festivities!***

Please include the person’s name and size for each shirt as I need to order them based on the teams I’m making.  Also include orders for moms etc. in your email. 

If ordering shirts is something you feel like your family can’t do then please reach out to me. 

Thanks so much!  Looking forward to a fun, challenging, competitive beautiful day together! 

- Jena 📣🏅🌟


I do have some “brain games” planned for the teams in the next few weeks. It will give the teams a chance for teams to gel and earn some points even before the actual Field Day. 

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